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Today, for Sunday’s coffee, we will go to the delightful Karolina’s home. I am simply in love with this eclectic style and original character. You are able to notice a big heart, that has been given to this design. Let’s meet Karolina 🙂

Few words about Karolina…

Tired of corporate job in the center of Warsaw, both my husband and had enough of our apartment, which was far too small for our growing family. We both grew up in houses with gardens, in small towns – I lived 100 km from Warsaw, my husband 100 mil from London. So we decided to move near Warsaw. Our dream came true. We have our home with small garden, terrace and we have enough space to grow vegetables. What’s more, our two cats Monika and Alicja and our beagle Fredd have finally place to play. Soon, our daughter Lily was born. I’ve been always interested in art and history (I’m a lawyer) and I knew that our house will be a mix of styles. Eclecticism was the best choice:)

Your house is beautiful. How long have you been working on its design?

Thank you very much for that compliment – it’s nice to hear:) We are here for almost 3 years, but our last lamp we hanged up just before Christmas, last year. Home appliance is a long-lasting process, so it is not worth hurrying. You have to live in a little and learn more about the place, what’s important-  get to know yourself too. In my case, the general concept was already in my head before buying a home.

Where did you get your inspiration from?

I love collecting interior design magazines, I also subscribe many of them, especially English ones. When I travel, I am searching for interior design albums. That’s where my inspiration is coming from. Before our home renovation I created some kind of notebook, where I put all the interior design pictures and all inspirations. This mood-board helped a lot my renovation team;) In my free time I like to watch interior design programs. Because of my husband (Englishman:) we also wanted to have some typical English solutions at home. That’s why you are able to see cast iron fireplace or carpet in the bedroom. Instagram is also an infinite source of inspiration for me, unfortunately very addictive one:)!

What are you like the most in your home?

I like colors and mix of style. Thanks to that, if I will see some glamour-style lamp – I don’t have to think, if it will fit to the rest. Even some boho decorations will find place in my home. I am very glad because of that, I don’t have to control my imagination and creativity. I have too many new ideas, and too many things which I like.

Is there anything you would like to change?

We definitely have to think about our garden;) In my home I like to change something from time to time, new decorations are always giving this fresh touch and new look to the whole. I really like floral wallpapers, maybe I will decide for that someday. Generally, I like my home and I don’t plan any bigger changes.

What advice would you give to those of us, who have just picked up the keys to their desired apartment and have no idea where to start.

Of course I won’t say “hire interior designer” for well known reasons. If you will decide to design home by our own, first of all you have to think twice about the budget, and plan it very carefully before works will start. You can save some money by partially painting bathroom’s walls and not putting tiles from the bottom to the top. You also have to think about the style, and some main idea – for example we can decide for the key color. I decided for eclectic style, so I can mix all my favorite pieces. Interior decorating gives big satisfaction – it’t worth to try do it by yourself.

What are your favourite home decor stores?

I love flea markets where you can buy great staff for little money. I remember, my first pieces for home – the blue painted vases – I bought them near Chichester (England) in one of the car boot sale.  This vase was my inspiration for choosing living room style and colors. Home decor shopping is my hobby. I also like things from Zara Home and TKMaxx.

More photos and everyday inspirations you will find on Karolina’s Instagram profile @pani_z_wilka. Don’t forget to follow:)

Have a nice Sunday.

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