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On every Sunday, you can expect our new series ” Yours Interiors”. I cant express how happy I am seeing, that you liked these articles so much.  Today we are visiting Marta from (@house.full.of.animals). Her Instagram profile catching your eyes not only with beautiful interior photos, but also with lovely rescued creatures. Here you won’t find any unplanned items, everything creates a coherent (as Marta says – constantly refined) whole.


Few words from Marta…
My name is Marta, I am the mother of eight year old boy Borys. My professional life is completely different from what I really like to do 🙂 My biggest passion is interior design. For many years I have been devoting my free time to helping homeless animals. Three cats and two dogs live in my house, they all are rescued.

How long have I been working on your apartment decor?
My friends used to joke, that my house is in a state of eternal metamorphosis. You won’t believe it, but only a few years ago I had here the curtains made of tufted voiles and gold painted sconces. I started the transformation two years ago with the purchase of a black lamp on a tripod and it actually lasts until today. Recently, for example, I removed the upper kitchen cabinets and replaced them with the shelf. So I’m still working on the final result and I still have lots of ideas and plans.

Where did you get your inspiration from?
Most ideas came out spontaneously, but generally I get inspiration from the Internet. I am searching for inspirations in Pinterest and Instagram, I also like interior design blogs. I’ve been collecting interior design magazines for years.

What do you like the most in your apartment?
I like everything in my home because, in my opinion, it is cozy and gives me a sense of security. I like it because most of things there I did by myself. I can fill and paint walls, put wallpapers, make minor repairs, renovate furniture. My ceiling in the living room is 5 meters high and I will not forget how scary was to paint it. But I did it. In five days, I painted the entire ground floor of my home and antresol.

Is there anything you would like to change?
Of course. I am changing and improving things all the time. Besides, since I started decorating my home, many  trends has completely changed. If I could rearrange it now, it would certainly look different.

What advice would you give to those of us who have just picked up the keys to their desired apartment and have no idea where to start?
I think that they should first decide in what kind of interiors they feel best. They should look for inspiration in magazines or in the Internet, and then start decorating. I don’t recommend being in a hurry in this case. It should be long and pleasant process of creating an original and cozy interior. It is also important to create a relatively neutral and timeless base, where furniture and accessories are only the final touch.

What are your favorite home decor stores?
I don’t have one favorite store, but many of my home decor staff is from H&M Home. I like to search items in TK Maxx, Mondex, sometimes in DUKA. I often find something interesting in Pepco, Jysk and Home&You. Taking advantage of the opportunity that my husband often goes abroad, I usually check what interior shops are in the place where he goes, and then I prepare him a wish list. Most often, he returns with a bag full of decorations 🙂 Besides, I make a lot of decorations myself.

For more photos and inspirations visit Marta’s Instagram profile – @house.full.of.animals.
Have a beautiful Sunday:*
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@house.full.of.animals @house.full.of.animals
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