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Today’s post opens a new series on the blog, in which we will be able to get to know each other more and share our common passion which is interior decoration. I hope that thanks to this we will learn a lot from each other and we will exchange our experiences. Among you there are a lot of talented designers and decorators, whose work I would like to promote. To make this series more smooth I have prepared 6 most frequently asked questions for our guests.

For the first visit we were invited by Kasia from my_home_my_haven. Her cozy apartment exudes calmness and positive energy. How to achieve this effect?

Few words from Kasia…
My name is Katarzyna, I am a stay-at-home mom of two daughters. I love to take care of my home and children. I am a cheerful woman by nature, full of optimism, loving life. I have the soul of an artist, it is my innate gift. My passion is  interior decor.

How long have I been working on your apartment decor?
I arrange my flat gradually, without haste. I constantly change something, rearrange it, I decorate it, but I never finally settle on laurels (I have to see that ‘wow’). Over the years, the decor of my apartment has changed a few times and probably I haven’t said the last word yet 🙂

Where did he get your inspiration from?
Ideas and inspirations often come from my head, but I will not deny that I am also searching them in interior design blogs, magazines and websites.

What do you like the most in your apartment?
In my apartment I like the living room the most, where I can sit and relax. The decor I created calms me down, especially in the evenings, when I sit in a chair with my favorite tea and a book.

Is anything there you would like to change?
For today, I would not change anything in my apartment because I feel very good in it.

What advice would you give to those of us who have just picked up the keys to their desired apartment and have no idea where to start?
My advice to people who have picked up the keys to their desired apartment is to always follow their own style and imagination. However, if someone has a problem with this, I recommend getting inspiration from various blogs, websites, etc. It’s best to start with the purchase of furniture, then it will be easier to choose all kinds of accessories.

What are your favorite home decor stores?
I often buy my accessories in stores such as Kik, Action, Pepco, Jysk. It’s cheap there, and the products are quite good quality.

More information about Kasia and her unique apartment follow my_home_my_haven.

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