White kitchen design alternatives

Undoubtedly the hottest trend of recent seasons is the minimalist, white kitchen, often identified with the Scandinavian style (which as I explained in THIS article is not always meet with the truth). I can’t admit that at the moment white cabinets are also my favorite. The list of advantages of such arrangement in my opinion currently prevails over other types of solutions, but I am always happy to review the possible alternatives. I hope that today’s article will help you to make this important decision – after all, it is the kitchen that is the heart of our home 🙂

1. Grey.


white kitchen alternativesWe love this color as much as white. It’s an ideal background for accessories – it can be beautifully combined with pastels. What’s more, it is a great complement to steel kitchen appliances and a beautiful contrast for the black ones. You can easily keep such a kitchen clean, what of course is also its great advantage. Too sad? Nothing more wrong, the right accessories or wooden details will add a warmer touch for the whole look.

2. Dark & light.

white kitchen alternatives

An elegant, unobvious combination. The dark fronts of the lower cabinets will also be a great background for our equipment. In this arrangement, we must pay special attention to good, spot lighting directed towards the top – one ceiling lamp will absolutely not work here. Perfectly selected handles give will give it character and style. Disadvantages? Dark furniture reveals our little secrets. You need to also invest in good foundation, which doesn’t leave any marks on everything around 🙂

3. Timeless wood.

white kitchen alternatives

Fashion is passing away, wood remains. It is said, that wood will warm up every interior and that is undoubtedly right. However, it’s not true, that we can’t create an elegant, modern arrangement using this material. Smart details combination will make us a timeless interior. Deciding to buy furniture from natural wood, we must be aware about the fact that they will require much more mindfulness and care from our side. Unsuitable products may completely change their appearance. What’s more, natural materials are very susceptible to any kind of deformation and damage.The best alternative in this case will be a wood-like panel (preferably MDF) – it is cheaper, more durable and resistant to physical factors.

4. Navy blue.

white kitchen alternatives

Navy blue has been always associated with elegance. Unfortunately not everyone can afford this choice. Navy blue kitchen will not be perfect for small apartments, it will steal us valuable meters 🙂 The perfect details for this look are gold and copper – the silver ones will give it even more cool character. Will this ever come out of fashion? No. Like black or white, it will always be associated with elegance and good taste.

5. Total black + brick.

white kitchen alternatives

It fits perfectly into loft interiors. It works well both as a small kitchenette and a full-sized interior. In this case, the right lighting plays the main role, preferably in warm tones. That is why black kitchen is best arranged either in the design phase or during general renovation, when you can make changes to the electrical installation.

6. Mix of styles, materials, colors. 

Because most often, the ideal solution lies somewhere in between, that’s why I will leave you a few arrangement, that are closest to my idea of the ideal kitchen below:

white kitchen alternatives white kitchen alternatives white kitchen alternatives white kitchen alternatives white kitchen alternatives white kitchen alternatives white kitchen alternatives white kitchen alternatives white kitchen alternatives white kitchen alternatives white kitchen alternatives

picture’s source: pinterest

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