What are the best plants to have in your bedroom?

Plants in the bedroom are not a simple topic at all. How do you choose them to sleep peacefully? 🙂 A bedroom is a place where we spend a third of our life, which is why we should be very careful when it comes to decorating –  especially while choosing plants. We often focus only on their aesthetic values, forgetting about their functions. Unfortunately, it can have negative consequences. Therefore, before you decide on a specific ones, be sure to learn more about each of them.

best plants for bedroom

When deciding on plants, we must be aware of their influence. Remember that they are living organisms and not all of them can be easily cared.

Are potted plants in the bedroom is a really good idea?

We can hear some opinions, that if we want to get up refreshed, we should definitely resign from the flower’s presence  in the bedroom. More specifically, it is all about the photosynthesis process – at night, plants compete with people for oxygenIn a room full of plants, we feel weak, we may also suffer headache. However, there are plants that work the opposite way- they accumulate oxygen during the day, and then give it to us at night. These ones should be in our bedroom.

Perfect plants for our bedroom:

– oxygenate the air
– don’t have intensive scent
– they filter out poisons and other pollutants from the air
– moisturize the air

Plants we should definitely look for:

1. Orchid  Dendrobium)

Delightful and effective flowers are not only the biggest advantages. An additional argument for “YES” is the lack of scent, and the air moisturizing properties.

best plants for bedroom

2. Aloe

You can write a book about its properties 🙂 Aloe grows best in sunny places. Remember – never put water directly on it.

best plants for bedroom

3. Sansevieria

A plant, that will forgive us a lot. It is not very addictive, it grows even in very shaded bedrooms. Thanks to its simplicity, it fits well for the Scandinavian style interiors.
best plants for bedroom

Plants that clean and moisturize the air:

1. Ficus Robusta

This ficus is an extremely useful plant. One of its features (apart from beautiful, shiny leaves) is the formaldehyde absorption. It neutralizes tobacco smoke and purifies our air. It’s feels best in a bright places. Ficus is also resistant to high temperatures.
best plants for bedroom

2. Spathiphyllum

This plant absorbs acetone, benzene and formaldehyde. In addition to cleansing properties, it also has a moisturizing effect. Its original white flowers show up in spring and summer.

best plants for bedroom

3. Schefflera Arboricola

Has cleansing properties, besides it is very tolerant and easy growing.

best plants for bedroom

4. Polypody

Well known:) It is not only very grateful for caring, it moisturizes the air, and relieves symptoms of stress.

best plants for bedroom

5. Ivy

Cleans and moistens the air. It is growing beautifully. He is resistant, both in terms of light, water and temperature.

best plants for bedroom

6. Spider plant

Effectively moisturizes the air. Settled near the computer neutralizes the emitted rays. Perfect for beginners 🙂
best plants for bedroom

7. Radermachera

Perfect plant for smokers. It neutralizes the cigarette smoke, grows quickly and is easy to care.
best plants for bedroomi

All those plants mentioned above are only examples, it would be difficult to list them all 🙂 We must remember that plants are not only our allies, but also a beautiful, natural decoration of each bedroom.

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