Wallpapers- new trends overview

Nowadays this topic is a little bit controversial. It has its supporters and opponents. I decided to write about it today because I am happy this trend is coming back. There was a time that we all wanted to have grey walls in our apartments, I am glad it’s changing. Right now we are starting to search how to warm up our space – wallpapers can be a great option.

I was browsing through magazines and internet for the latest trends and I found out we still love wallpapers. Why? Because we can easily add character to our interiors. Depending on what you choose – whether they will fit your home’s design or the area you live in. Either way you will find a huge choice of textures and motifs – from extremely delicate to the most expressive ones.

Unfortunately choosing wallpaper is not so easy. Its motif, color and scale are important – it should perfectly fit to our style. That’s why you must decide first,  do you want the wallpaper to determine the style of the entire room, or gently draw the eye and being a discrete complement only?

We are often afraid that by putting wallpaper once, it will stay on our wall forever.  The truth is you don’t have to worry about it – the present materials are most safe and easily removable.

Summing up, wallpapers give our interiors style and expression, we can play with colors and patterns all to make our space home.

If you are looking for something special check tapetuj.pl.  You will find the most desirable wallpapers of that season. Enjoy:)

Here are my favourite collections : Elegance & Kelly Hoppen Style 2

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jakie tapety jakie tapety

jakie tapety jakie tapety jakie tapety

jakie tapety jakie tapety

jakie tapety

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