Top 5 of the most popular home projects in Poland

Everyone has different definition of the perfect home. We have different goals, tastes, needs, different lifestyles, but there is one thing we have in common – we all want our home to be the happy, secure and beautiful place. If you are seriously thinking about owning your piece of land, it’s worth thinking about its functionality before making a purchase decision. The project, design and good plan, all this things determine the place we live in. Our decisions can also generate problems, that we have to solve by entering the interior decoration stage. Therefore, the decision to choose the ideal project is in fact very difficult. The more time we spend considering all the pros and cons before buying, the less complications after. Today, together with the extradom portal, I would like to present you 5 of today’s most popular home projects.

1. Kendra Mała – 126,87 m²

najczęsciej budowane domy

This project is for those who value classic solutions and simplicity. Ideal for medium size plots owners. The lump is not complicated, which reduces construction costs. This is a one-storey house with attic and closed kitchen, which is a big advantage for all, who are not the fan of the smell of eating in the living room. The project includes room for the pantry and wardrobe. The garage is also a great “plus”. In the living room, which is connected with the dining room, we can find a fireplace, which gives it all a very cozy character. This house will meet the requirements of 4-6 person family.

2. Armanda – 133,85 m²najczęsciej budowane domy

An undoubted advantage of this project is the terrace, which will surely pleased all, who are searching for chill and comfort in their home.This house has 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms on each floor. The kitchen is also closed here, the ridge is located parallel to the road. Designed also for 4-6 persons family.

3. Noelia BIS 2M – 130,09 m²

najczęsciej budowane domy

The building itself has a simple form, so it looks good, regardless of the environment. In this project the ridge is perpendicular to the road. The project is aimed for those, who have a plot allowing the project to be developed in a free-standing development. It can be also realized in twin buildings. The double garage and terrace are  great advantages here. This house is suitable for 4-6 persons.

4.  Karmelita Gold 2M – 148,99 m²

najczęsciej budowane domy

Classic style, simplicity and functionalism. Terrace, two-car garage, dining room connected to the living room. The house was built for freestanding. The building has a typical form, which greatly facilitates the construction process. Aesthetics and practical solutions make this project ideal for a 4-6 persons family.

5. Murator M132 Wariantowy – 128,2 m²

najczęsciej budowane domy

An interesting proposition for those, who are looking for a home with an envelope roof, that perfectly protects the building from unfavorable weather. Simple solidity facilitates the later arrangement of the interior and perfectly fits into the environment. Open kitchen, dining room combined with living room, single room garage, terrace – everything we need 🙂 The layout of the rooms is very functional – this project  is for a 4-6 family members.

In conclusion, the most commonly built houses in Poland are single-storey projects with attic, covered with double-pitched or multi-roofed roof. We are mostly interested in projects with the garage and terrace. We tend to be more inclined towards simplicity, that works well with any environment. We are increasingly aware of trends and we are choosing the most functional solutions. For more information about the projects, and for great tips on choosing your dream home, visit the extradom portal.

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