Spring 2018 – interior design trends

Interior design trends for spring 2018 are very attractive. Generally in the spring time we always do some changes in our life (or at least we plan to do it:) Usually we start with a hairdresser visit, but we often end up with our home rearranging. Last year, changes in our interiors were about to repainting furniture into white. This season, the decorators adhere to slightly different rules. Is it the end of the white and gray interior era?

1. Wabi sabi colors.

In interior design magazines, a reference to the Japanese aesthetics of ZEN – known as wabi sabi – is more and more popular, especially a smooth color palette.

Spring 2018 interior design trends

sofawooden bowl

2. Linen.

Natural materials is a not passing trend. They are not only soft and gentle to the skin, they also have thermoregulatory properties.

Spring 2018 interior design trends

linen textiles

3. Exotic.

From our summer and long journeys missing, the animal motif and ethnic decor returned. Black and white zebra pattern will be especially trendy, it will appear mainly on textiles.

Spring 2018 interior design trends


4. Yellow and gold home decor.

Yellow and gold accessories are coming back this spring. Gold has been with us for several seasons, especially in combination with deep green.

Spring 2018 interior design trends

armchair / sofa

5. Plants, flowers, botanical motif.

They are irreplaceable in spring, bringing freshness, lightness and harmony to our interiors.

Spring 2018 interior design trends

posters / armchair

6. Ceramic.

Handicraft in our house will be especially appreciated. Interesting vases, mugs, plates are mandatory items on the shopping list.

Spring 2018 interior design trends

ceramika – Malikceramik

7. Plaids, tassels, boho style accessories.

They give the original, non-obligatory character to our interiors. A few boho accessories can completely change the space, add her cosiness, fantasy and charm.

Spring 2018 interior design trends

plaid / cushion

Some trends have stayed with us for a long time, some are just shyly entering into our interiors. Do you already have some idea for your change? 🙂

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