Rattan furniture – new season trend

Rattan furniture is the  new season trend! Nothing relaxes more than chilling in your garden with delicious cup of coffee and your favourite book. Let’s leave the living room and enjoy the smell of freshly mown grass, soft, quiet wind and warm nights, that unfortunately are getting shorter and shorter.

Choosing furniture for your garden you must focus on their functionality, durability and convenience. Today I want to describe you  more one of my favorite raw materials – rattan.

What’s rattan? 

Rattan is nothing more than a kind of liana. It’s also known as Rhubarb Palm, Spanish Cane, Indian Reed. It grows mainly in Indonesia and Ecuador. Its precisely thin and flexible stems serve us to produce furniture, baskets, plaits, mat etc. Some discoveries – made in Asia – testify that the first rattan furniture was created in ancient times.

meble rattanowe



  • flexible, in contact with water vapor becomes extremely plastic, so we can create most desirable shape
  • resistant to most mechanical damage – water or high temperature (more resistant than wicker)
  • furniture made of rattan are lightweight and easy to maintain
  • its natural dye introducing an exotic atmosphere into our space


  • unprotected and exposed to direct weather conditions loses its aesthetic qualities
  • it doesn’t tolerate low temperatures and prolonged exposure in full sun
  • high price

meble rattanowe

meble rattanowe

meble rattanowemeble rattanowe


A little  bit of exotic touch will make our space warmer. This precious time spent in such beautiful surrounding will be extremely beneficial for our well-being.

Important! The WWF warns,  that along with the rainforests destruction, rattan resources are also limited. The organization wants to secure rattan resources by introducing a forest management system in the Mekong region, by using FSC certification principles. If you care about environmental issues in which you live, check out the source of the rattans before you decide to purchase them.

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