PRZEsPLOT – Polish brand created from passion

We used to say that accessories create the character of our home, that’s why we spent plenty of our time on choosing the right one. We concentrate not only on their price, but the quality is what we care the most. In today’s article, I would like to present you PRZEsPLOT. This Polish brand, created by Edyta, is a collection of children’s braided cushions and accessories, maintained in the Scandinavian style, inspired by rope knots. The strands are hand-made from Polish knitted fabrics and antiallergic filling. The idea turned out to be a great success, in April PRZEsPLOT celebrated its first birthday. Let’s find out more about founder of the brand – Edyta.

Few words about Edyta…

Hi, I am Edyta, I come from Bielsko-Biała and I am 26 years old. I have been a full-time mum for 2 years, and wife since September. In private and professional life, I can describe myself as pedant and perfectionist. I love order in my head and around me, uncontrollable chaos finally starts to stress me out:) In my professional career I was a salesman, barista, waitress, I was even involved in the books production. I am currently fulfilling myself by creating my PRZEsPLOT brand. Using my sewing knowledge and creativity I make woven pillows and children’s bed covers.

How did you create PRZEsPLOT?

The idea came when I wanted to have my own braided cushion. After several tries, the first ones appeared, which instead of on my couch, went to my sister’s bedroom. A few more pillows ordered my friends and then I thought, why not try to make my dream business out of it. Yes … I and still don’t have my own pillow 🙂

How the beginning looked like?

The PRZEsPLOT beginnings were definitely fun, my head was full of ideas, I wanted everything “here and now”. At that time I didn’t know what having your own business looks like. I treated it more as a hobby. When I cleaned my head, I started testing. I searched for durable materials and stitches or an exceptionally soft filling. I think that this time taught me a lot of humility, self-confidence and the ability to ask for help.

Where does your inspiration come from?

It may sound trivial, but it’s mainly the environment that inspires me. Most of the ideas come  when I am in an interesting surroundings. I am also inspired by my daughter, thanks to her, the “growing with child” bed protector appeared.

What advice would you give to those, who dream about creating their own brand?

Hmm, this is a difficult question. I think the most important thing is to do something that you really like, something that makes us happy, then you won’t treat it like a job 🙂 It is important to implement ideas step by step and setting up your goals. Sometimes I still think, that it all may not work, but the support of my family is what helps me the most.

From my side big congratulations  for Edyta. More information about the products you can find here and here 🙂

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