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Hagi Cosmetics

This article about Hagi Cosmetics opens a new cycle on my blog related, to particular Polish brands. These ones, selected by me, are not only interesting because of visual identification, but also because of their stories. I am very happy to present you Hagi Cosmetics. This family-owned businesses is about producing natural cosmetics. Its name comes from the names of the founders (Hanna – mother, Agata and Gabriela – daughters). The production itself takes place in a very special place. The laboratory is located in a forest, where through the glass walls you can admire the beauty of the changing nature. Can you imagine better location for a company producing natural cosmetics? 🙂 I am amazed not only by the background, design, or the products themselves. The history of the brand’s is what inspired me them most – it shows, that it is never too late to realize your dreams. I am so glad, that despite the huge amount of responsibilities, these great Ladies agreed to tell us more about their passion. Let’s meet Hanna, Agata and Gabriela.

Hagi Cosmetics

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Let’s start from the beginning, how the Hagi Cosmetics brand was created?
Hagi Cosmetics was created by: Hanna (mother), Agata and Gabriela (daughters), who in a name of love for Nature and for each other, have decided to enter this previously unknown market and set up a company, that produces natural cosmetics. It all began with Hanna and her dreams of creating natural cosmetics. Already over 20 years ago, as a chemist, she was interested in the subject of creating good, natural cosmetics, but it was not a good moment for this in Poland. It was like that, mainly due to the lack of interest in a healthy lifestyle and limited availability of raw, natural materials. About 7 years ago, Hanna decided about postgraduate studies in cosmetology, to get the needed knowledge about how to start with production. Despite the discouraging people from the cosmetics industry, claiming that the production of natural cosmetics does not pay off, she took a risk. From the first days of the newly opened cosmetic laboratory among the meadows and forests, her daughters also felt that passion. Slowly, they began to introduce new products and show them at the Eko and Slow fairs. It turned out that natural soaps, creams, balms and peels made from oils, vegetable butters and essential oils are a great success. Natural, good-quality Polish cosmetics are increasingly appreciated, as well as organic food and a healthy lifestyle.

What was the hardest thing in creating brand image?
We wanted the brand to grow harmoniously and authentically. Our brand is a great reflection of our passion, effort and customer care. We want it to be associated with safety and pleasure. Whether we have succeeded, will be assessed by the customers. Difficulties, on the other hand, always appear on the way to success, and this may be, for example, the untimely supply of raw materials, stoppages in the production of packaging, technological changes and all, normal production problems. Life itself.

The Hagi Cosmetics packaging was awarded at Łódź Design Festival last year. How was the visual identity created, what was your biggest inspiration?
Desiring to underline the great value of choosing natural cosmetics, we decided to give them a proper visual identification. We invited the graphic studio Podpunkt to cooperate and it was a perfect match. We always make the final decision on the appearance of the product packaging, but all graphic creations from the very beginning were done by Diana Gawronkiewicz – Art director in Podpunkt. The cooperation looks like this: we talk about the raw materials that are in product composition, while the graphic designers present us their projects. After that the final decision was made.

Was it easy to combine passion with family business?
I think yes. We are all partners in Hagi. We work as a team. We try to share responsibilities and discuss all during  our business meetings. Of course, they are focused only on Hagi. Family matters are not discussed at such meetings. We are different, so we try to use each other strengths to achieve our goals.
Hanna brings her knowledge of a chemist – cosmetologist, her big experience is significant and also solving some very prosaic problems of the company. Thanks to that, it all go right way. She also participates in scientific conferences and she likes to meet our customers at business fairs, talking about our cosmetic, asking for their needs.
Agata is a manager in the full sense of the word. Fire and wind, which drives everyone to work, but most herself. She buys, sells, creates, invents and describes cosmetics. Agata learned how to run a good business in theory in Entrepreneurial Women classes, and she is sharing all best practices with the company.
Gabrysia introduces order and dealing with creative chaos. She cares a lot about good relations with clients, company’s image and our needs. She deals with social media, website, but also can do any product from our offer, especially for atopic / problematic skin.

What advice would you give to those, who dream about creating their own brand (not necessarily cosmetic one)?
Do not be afraid to take the first step.
If the idea was born of passion, you should also gain good knowledge.
Mistakes treat as the best lessons and value for the future.
Be authentic and respect the recipients.

More about Hagi Cosmetics you will find here.
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Hagi Cosmetics Hagi Cosmetics Hagi Cosmetics

Hagi Cosmetics

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Hagi Cosmeticspict. Balvia

Hagi Cosmetics
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Hagi Cosmetics

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