Modern & classic solutions for small space

How to match modern and classic solutions with small space? Today I would like to introduce you GameBoX Architektura project, where you will find many clever tricks. The owner of this apartment is a young pianist with  romantic soul. Her dream was to have an optimistic, cozy and colorful interior. How they achieved this effect?

modern and classic

Small space is usually a big challenge. How can we put there all necessary items without creating visual chaos? There are some ways to do it 🙂

modern and classic

On the shorter wall we have quite large window, but the interior itself is rather long. For this reason, designers decided to make it more brighten. The architects’ intention was to create a positive and clear space, both in terms of color and climate.

modern and classic

The project has several functions, the whole has been divided into zones so that each of them is comfortable and as spacious as possible. The room has kitchenette with a worktop and free-standing console with moving table. We also have a detailed dining room with a plant and herbal corner. Of course you will also find a chillout zone there.
modern and classicSome of the furniture are from IKEA  (the Stockholm console, kitchen cabinets), but the unique atmosphere was created by using recycled pieces (armchair, chairs, white dresser). Take a look on this unique lightning – minimal matt balls with a golden finish and geometric origami style birds.

modern and classicAlthough there are many different forms, motifs and colors in this project, it all feels right. The combination of modern solutions and restored furniture gave this interior a timeless character. Modernity and classic proved to be the most effective in this case. I really like such projects, what about you?

More informations about designers you will find here.

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