LAGOM – new Swedish lifestyle trend

Last year we all tried to learn more about Hygge. This fall definitely belongs to Lagom. You may think, that this is another Scandi trend run by marketing machine, but many of us already follow it rather by accident. I guess you are already curious about what this word really means:)
LAGOM – is a Swedish word which roughly translates as “not too little, not too much. Just a right amount. This concept encompasses all things simple, moderate, sustainable and harmonious. In another words, it’s all about enjoying balanced lifestyle.


Lagom vs Hygge
Hygge is often described as just a moment in time to enjoy, lagom is seen as a lifestyle choice to be practiced with everything you do. Hygge is all about searching for coziness. But lagom seems more… sustainable. Hyyge is a momentary state of bliss, while Lagom is a way of living.

How to live the “Lagom life”?

1. Always search for balance.
Make sure you get enough sleep, your work-life balance is on the good level, you eat well, you have time for exercise.
2. Live sustainably.
Recycle, reduce energy, eat local products, resell or donate things you don’t need anymore.
3. Stress less.
Possession may create stress. Don’t try to detach yourself from things you don’t really need. Soon you will see how this decluttering will reduce your stress level.
4. Save energy.
It’s easy: turn off the light when you are not in the room and get into a hobbit of doing this. Make switch to LED light. Buy rechargeable batteries. Turn off your appliances while not using them. Have shorter showers. Fill your washing machine to full capacity. Control your overnight heating.
5. Save money.
Don’t buy things you don’t need. Make a shopping list. Sell things you are not using. Visit library instead of buying always new books. Organize your budget and…control it!
5. Refuse.
Travel mugs, shopping bags, buying things that only collect dust. Be more assertive.
6. Eat healthy.
I know it’s not easy these days, but make some little change, be more aware about where your food comes from. Try to buy local products and don’t waste food…never!
7. Be tidy.
When your space is clean, your mind will be too. Think and do – whenever you see some dirty mugs around you, put them to the dish washer and ….done! You see dirty clothes – put them into the washing machine. Don’t think too much about task that need to be done, just do it!


Make small changes in everyday life. This is a key for everything. Start from the little steps and you will see that you are on the right road.

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