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Finnish design, is what I have been studying recently. Today I would like to present you a unique web site, created with true passion – KODEMii !

KODEMii  is all about simplicity, functionality and true love for Finnish lifestyle, where the respect for people and nature is the most important value.

KodemiiKODEMii is a new online shop, that sales only original Finnish design. All products are designed in Finland and labeled – Design from Finland. Some of them are also produced in Finland and labeled – Made in Finland. These are original products of today’s Scandinavian style, although the brand owners prefer to be described as the Nordic style, or simply Finnish style. Please remember not to forget what the real Scandinavian design is about. The real Finnish style is colorful, full of energy and above all functional.

KODEMii is a new place for people, who are looking for original and quality home goods. You will find Vallila curtains and textiles there, modern and beautiful Kiteen furniture, unique VM-CARPET rugs, really soft Familon bed sheets, amazing Finlayson and  Terhi Mickelsson designs. KODEMii website not only sales products – it is also very inspiring place where you can find information about Finland, its culture and home decor ideas.

How did I find this brand? I had the great pleasure of meeting the KODEMii owners, who fascinated me with their passion, great knowledge of Finnish design and Finland itself. If you energetic interiors, you simply fall in love. After all, it’s always a perfect time to change something:)

More information about KODEMii you will find here.

Have a nice day:)!

Kodemii Kodemii

Kodemii Kodemii Kodemii

        photos source: KODEMii

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