Interior design can motivate! Really?

Interior design can motivate you! Today, there is a strong trend of looking for motivation everywhere. Sometimes we forget, that we should be more concentrated on our surrounding. The places we live in have a huge impact on us, often we don’t even realize how big. Can interiors motivate you? There are evidences, that they can!

interior design can motivate

1. Clean up your mess!

Those who can work in every conditions are really lucky. Most of us are not able to concentrate in a disordered place. Cluttered apartment can be even a depression symptom. By throwing away unnecessary items and organizing our space, we can also focus and organize our thoughts. Many of us like this feeling of starting all over again. We feel a big energy kick and we have lots of new ideas. This is how the magic of cleaning works 🙂 In addition, we have been constructed in such a way, that before we get to a specific action, that will require more effort from us, we immediately have a lot of thoughts and excuses to postpone what we have planned. It is a kind of self-preservation instinct, which primary people had. This kind of mechanism protected them from undertaking risky activities. We left the caves long ago, but still millions of excuses left.

2. Organize your working space.

I was talking a lot about this topic already so I don’t want to say the same thing twice. Generally, it’s about creating our very own area, which won’t irritate you and will be full of positive energy.  If your job requires working from home, you should definitely create proper conditions for that. How to do it? You will find out more in my last article.

3. Temperature is important.

Interiors can also motivate us with the right temperature. The optimal room temperature is about 19-21 Celsius. But this is not entirely true. Each of us is different, our preferences are different, especially when it comes to tolerable temperature. Some people can’t imagine themselves working in a warm room, others are not able to focus when it’s cold. Adjust temperature to your needs, the optimal one will help you achieve balance.

4. Show up your goals.

The right goal is the biggest step to success. When you have an important project, or you just have a lot of responsibilities waiting for you, you have to truly concentrate on them. Lack of motivation often results from the fact, that we are not able to make a good schedule. Start by creating a project calendar and put it in a visible place at home.  Such goal’s exposure will effectively bring us to the ground, when we will start to postpone our actions. Interiors can really be a good motivator 🙂

5. Treat yourself.

Good music, proper lighting, fresh flowers, favorite scents – all this affects our approach and is an effective motivator. This is your house, you can arrange it however you want. Put some good energy in it. Treat yourself! Reward your motivation. Delicious, homemade coffee and fresh cake have never put anyone into a bad mood 🙂 This is your home, you can do more here.

Coming back to the question, can interiors be motivated – YES! – Interiors adapted to our needs and preferences can be a very good motivator. On the other hand, this whole motivational thing is a bit exaggerated. Everyone is looking for motivation, but the truth is, that the self-discipline and self-control are responsible for our success. After all, let’s help ourselves as much as we can 🙂

Have a nice Friday:)

interior design can motivate




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