Designing a proper Home Lighting Plan

Home lighting plan is undoubtedly one of the most strategically important things we have to deal with. It’s not just about comfort and convenience. Artificial light has a very big impact on our health and well-being. Wrong choices could be a source of eye diseases and even … depression. Good lighting has not only positive affect on us, but also on our work efficiency.

Home Lighting Plan

lamp / sofa

What do we need to consider while lightning planning…

We have to plan lighting at the renovation stage. It is best to start with the initial arrangement of all rooms and furniture. It is important to consider not only the surface or height, but also the number and location of the windows. It is worth observing how natural light looks like  during the day, thanks to that we will find out which places require special lighting. The division of the project into individual zones (dining, lounge, kitchen or reading / work zone) will be very helpful. While designing kitchen, we must determine where to place the main equipment such as a fridge, a hob (or gas cooker), a hood, a dishwasher, an oven, a microwave oven and other equipment. The same things we must do with the bathroom – we have to plan a place for a washbasin, washing machine, dryer, cabinets,  heater etc. We don’t want visible wires in our living room, we also don’t want to hide them behind the couch 🙂 A solid plan will allow us to lead the wires and install electrical sockets in the most optimal way that fits us.

Home Lighting Plan

lamp / table

Light spots planning ….
It is very important to highlight individual light spots on each level of our interior. Starting from ceiling points, through sconces, LED lighting, individual spotlights highlighting the gallery, standing lamps, or single decorative lamps, that we want to put on furniture. The spotlight not only creates the atmosphere of the interior, but also allows us to put more light into the places, which are hard to reach.

The switches …
Having already individual points of light planned, we can proceed with designating the circuits and places where the switches will be located. At this stage, we should already know which lights we want to work simultaneously (then they will be in one circulation), and which will require separate switches. For a more interesting effect, in selected rooms it is worth considering the use of lighting dimmers. Thanks to them, we will be able to control the intensity of light in particular rooms.

Electrical sockets …

Or we don’t have enough of them, or they are placed in wrong places. There are some optimal solutions:

– according to the apartment design plan, put the sockets where you will use household appliances (do not forget about the hair dryer 🙂
– estimate how many devices you can attach to one socket and add 2 inputs to each of them (it will be worth it:)
– look through your furniture arrangements – socket behind the wardrobe won’t work well
– place a double socket in each corner of the room
– if you have a larger interior, place additional sockets within 2-3 meters of each other
– the future Perfect Housewife will appreciate the socket placement at the door opposite to the hinges
– nowadays you should think about installing USB sockets and placing them in comfortable places

Home Lighting Plan

lamp / table

Useful lighting tricks …
– if the room is too low, direct the light beam to the ceiling, then the interior will seem to be much higher than it really is
– for the opposite effect, when you want, for example, to make the ceiling lower, place the sconces low on the wall
– placing the lamp above the table in the dining room, remember to hang it low, it will create a nice and intimate atmosphere while eating meals together
– in the TV room put the light source behind (not in front of TV) so that the bulb does not bounce in the screen
– a table lamp placed on the window sill creates a unique atmosphere, and the neighbors won’t be able to look inside your window
– highlighting the selected wall in the room will make it bigger
– light directed towards longer walls will make the room widen

Home Lighting Plan

hanging lamp / standing lamp

To sum all these things up, lighting plays an invaluable role in our home. It affects not only our interiors, but also us, which is why it is so important to plan it properly. You can find more information about individual rooms lighting in next articles. Keep following 🙂


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