Beautiful Judyta’s apartment. You must see it!

Dears, today I would like to invite you one of the most beautiful apartments. I love the extraordinary style, aesthetics and creativity of its owner. I am very pleased to present you – Judyta 🙂

Few words about Judyta…:) 
28 years old, married.
Aesthetics, perfectionist, sometimes too much (she admits).

Scientific mind, love working with people.
Currently she works as a dietitian. “I forbid people to eat biscuits, but baking in my true love – of course it doesn’t mean that I eat all of that – laughs.”
Artistic soul, still feels the need to change and create.
She loves to read, the book is always somewhere near.

Judyta agreed to tell about her passion and share some valuable tips with us.

Your apartment is truly beautiful. Contrasting shades of white and deep bronze are creating an unusual, elegant and cozy interior. Every time you add a new photo to your Instagram, I am enjoying your aesthetics and style. How long have you been working on it?

I have my own apartment for 4 years. Still working on it 🙂

Where are you searching for inspiration and ideas?

I was looking for inspiration mainly on the internet – interior design blogs, interior design forums, Pinterest. But inspirations and reality are two different things 🙂

What do you like the most in your apartment?

Colors and the relaxing atmosphere. I like mixing styles, combination of modern and classic furniture, (renovated chairs in the living room, or my golden, antique chair), creates (in my opinion) this unique interior.

Is there something, you would like to change?

Everyday I feel that I would change something. After 4 years, interior design trends changed a lot. I really like these trendy bright floors, white doors, I am also thinking about other bathroom tiles:D … On the other hand, I know – it will be always like that, I will always feel this way:) Now seriously, what I would change? The apartment layout …unfortunately it’s not that easy.

I am also a fan of your amazing pastry skills. Is it just a hobby, or can I order somewhere these extraordinary cookies?

I didn’t know, that my cookies can be so desirable:D This is my form of artistic fulfillment. Due to the large number of queries, I can consider this selling option. The first small orders at this moment I am receiving mainly from my friends.

Coming back to interior design, what advice would you give to those of us, who have just picked up the keys to desired apartment and have no idea where to start?

First of all, do it slowly. I think that creating everything step by step is better, than doing everything right away, without good plan. It will also help you with working out your own style. At the beginning, I thought, that my apartment will be typically modern, but by adding furniture and accessories it turned out I need also some classic staff there.

If you like changes, you must definitely choose a neutral base. This trick will allow you to change your interior easily, by playing with decorations.
At the beginning concentrate on good paint, floors, doors, door frames, which according to me do the whole job. Even the most beautiful interior, loses its charm with the cheapest panels, or paper door. Not to mention quality anymore, I think it is worth investing in. The rest can always be exchanged.
Well-designed kitchen and bathroom is the base. I do not mean to hire the designer, it is more about visualizing your plans.

In the end, can you tell us, what are your favorite, home-decor places to shop? 

Home&You, Zara Home, H&M Home, English Home, TKMaxx, from the cheaper one: Pepco, KiK, but not only there – I am also visiting internet auctions and second-hands:

You can follow Judyta on Instagram—->here, I am such a big fan of her profile. I can easily say, this is one of the most beautiful apartment on the Instagram…of course not only Instagram;)

Take a look inside:)

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beautiful apartment

beautiful apartment

beautiful apartment

beautiful apartment beautiful apartment

beautiful apartment

beautiful apartment

beautiful apartment

beautiful apartment

beautiful apartment

photos source: Judyta’s Instagram

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