Men’s perspective on interior design. Check it!

Interiors for men…sounds interesting? Usually, if it comes to interior design men decided to leave this topic in our hand. Perhaps it is just a slick play from their side – why to concentrate on such kind of additional job;)? How many times did you hear “Honey, you will do it better!” After such a compliment we are ready to face up with the “interior design challenge” all by our own. The creative process is starting and we are beginning this adventurous journey:) … in the end… we have our own, beautiful, dream house … but, wait a minute … did you just hear that your man doesn’t have enough space for his staff? Why is he keeping his feet on your perfect, white couch? !!! Not practical? You remember when he confirmed, that this is the hottest trend of this season !!!…

When it comes to interior design, aren’t we a little bit selfish? How many times, while buying some new, cute staff for our home, we actually thought about how does our partner feel in this interior? To be honest, mostly we barely think about it. I am not saying all of us…but, unfortunately majority. Have you ever wondered what does your man feel while sitting on your perfect, snow-white couch with pink cushions covered by soft, fur blanket? Does it really feels like dream home for him?

Sooner or later we have to face the truth, that we not always win this “interior design challenge”. How to avoid this decorative traps and not be selfish? Here are some tips from ….. Mars 🙂

1. Soft color

Although we are experts when it comes to color, recently we limited our passion to a few colors that don’t necessarily gain the interests of men. We love pastels, we also used to warm up white interiors with rose gold  or baby blue decorations. We felt in love with English and Provence style homes – with all their sweet accents. What do men think about it? “You did well Honey!” – we hear…but is that really true? Unfortunately not… Below you will find men’s vision of the perfect color.

men's interiors

2. Minimalism

Nowadays when we can have everything we want, it is hard to follow the minimalism rules in our life. Visiting the home decor shop and leaving without something new and cute is quite a challenge. Sounds familiar? Later on, it turns out that we already bought similar things few weeks ago…sad but real…There is no illusion that men fully understand our home decor needs. We love to surround ourselves with beautiful objects, but men in such cluttered space looks simply ridiculous: D It will be better, not only for our comfort, but also for our wallet to think twice before buying new staff  for home. Nobody feels relaxed in cluttered room, and the main question is…who’s going to clean all that mess?:)

men's interiors

3. The best materials

This is what you are going to hear, when you ask men about furniture you need to buy. While we are still in love with beautiful, tiny, white furniture our partners appreciate the opposite – solid, durable wood that will serve us for years. Perfect couch …. big, comfortable, made of leather, absolutely not white! The armchair is designed to be used as an armchair rather than the throne for the Queen of England. When it comes to men’s home decor preferences – there is no place for sentiments here. Everything must be chosen for it’s durability and practical use.

men's interiors

4. Electronic staff

The perfect sound system, the largest screen possible, the best design – it’s all  your man need (right after the couch) in his perfect living room. Home cinema must be from the top shelf … like of course the rest of electronic equipment – and this is something we can’t discuss with, better don’t;) It dosn’t matter how often he really watch the television … it is an absolutely must have element of the entire interior design 🙂

men's interiors

5. Functionality

There is no place for pieces that are not functional in men’s apartment. This is mostly where we are’t at the same page with our partner. Why women need so many candles, pillows, photo frames? They don’t understand, that we need to change them with every season;) Why women’s bedroom are so white? How they could sleep there?:) Why? It’s the most desirable color of that year! This is how the hottest trends facing up the reality. Who is right?

men's interiors

Now the reflection time…Are we always fair when it comes to home decor? Although I know it’s hard just to pass by the beautiful shabby chic accessories, try to think twice before cluttering your common space. I wonder about your opinion.

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