TOP 5 projects of energy-saving houses!

Building a house, especially the first one, is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and difficult time in our life. The amount of decision that needs to be taken often exceeds our imagination. This topic is very close to my heart, because in the near future I will  also have to make this choice. The more we know about specific topic, the less stress we have. I like to investigate and to share my knowledge with you. The topic of energy-saving homes interested me for a long time. In today’s post, I would like to present you TOP 5 of energy-saving projects, we buy the most.

1. Ariel BSA1929 

energooszczędne domy

One-story single-family house with an envelope roof and a two garages. The solid itself is relatively low, which doesn’t require a large plot. The traditional form and the simple elevation fits perfectly. Created especially for a 2 + 2 family. The location on the south-west side and large windows will provide intense interior lighting. This arrangement of rooms not only ensures privacy, but also affects better space organization. The large, multi-faceted terrace can be a great relaxation area.

2. HomeKoncept-31 KRX1034

energooszczędne domy

Ideal for a medium-wide, detached development plot. The neutral shape fits into any environment. Two-car garage is undoubtedly a big advantage.  Multi-slope roof gives the whole project a modern look.  Due to the fact, it’s a one-story house, communication between rooms is very convenient.
It will be a great choice for a family of 2-4. Of course the wardrobe design gained my special attention 🙂

3. HomeKoncept-26 KRX1030

energooszczędne domy

A one-story house, original and interesting design with large garage. I like its simplicity. Spacious and thoughtful interior will be perfect for family of five. The elevation design gives the project a unique character. Most of living room walls are glazed, giving a constant source of natural light. We can really enjoy the beautiful garden here. This house is an unconventional combination of materials and resolutions.

4. Simon G2 WRC2596

energooszczędne domy

This project is perfect for people with medium-wide plot. Work perfectly for Seniors, disabled and families with small children. The simple shape makes the construction process much easier. The house with a gable roof is simple and economical to implement. The garage is also provided for two cars. This is a very interesting proposition for those who are looking for a house with a gable roof. Design of that house will satisfy those who love traditional  and classic style.

5. Liv 3 G2 WRC2015

energooszczędne domy

Proposition for people with medium-wide plot designed in brick technology. The house is characterized by simple construction, it will look great in any surroundings. Perfect solution for attic’s fans. Perfect for  family of 2-4. The kitchen is closed for the living room here. The dining room is a perfect solution for people who like to receive guests and organize family parties. There is also terrace included in the design. 

The own home is undoubtedly the dream of most of us. Before we make such a decision, it is worth to analyse it in details. The more we know in a given topic, the less stress we get. I hope this article has been useful for you. You will find more information in a given topic, and other interesting projects can be found at

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