2018 hottest interior design trends!

The year 2018 will be unique, I heard this information recently and I will follow it:) While most of are preparing articles about “How to keep New Year’s resolutions”, I prepared something more relaxing for you. Let’s check out the hottest 2018 interior design trends – I promise, that you will find here the most interesting ones 🙂

1. Color of the year : PANTONE 18-3838 ULTRA VIOLET

Every year all designers are waiting impatiently for this information. 18-3838 ULTRA VIOLET  symbolizes creativity, originality and innovation. There is also a note of mystery, mysticism and spirituality in it. The galaxy reference suppose to inspire us for searching new resolutions and for leaving our comfort zone.

2. Mixing metals.

Decorating with only one metal can be boring. Try to have more fun with mixing them. Combination of mat and gloss may bring very stylish effect.

3. Geometry.

This trend will is still on top. Geometric patterns, textiles, shapes will still be one of the most popular decor trends. These ones below you will find in : www.zloteplakaty.pl

4. Wallpapers are back.

Not only to our living rooms. Wallpapers will appear in the kitchen or even in the bathroom too giving them a touch of coziness. Do not be afraid, that they will be with us forever, the current materials safe and easily removable.

5. Goodbye white ceilings.

We will notice the return of color not only on our walls – this year the colorful ceiling will be very desirable. Interior designers loved this trend, especially in this version: black ceiling + white walls + geometric elements of equipment.

6. Welcome Terazzo.

The flat yet complex texture from the ‘70s looks can look very modern  and unique. You may achieve great original effect by covering walls, surfaces, or your backsplash in terrazzo.

7. Painted doors.
Give your guests a bright and cheery welcome with a door that isn’t just any old basic shade. The painted doors are going to be the most appreciated (and Instagrammed).

8. Herringbone Pattern.

It will be very fashionable not only on our floors, it will also appear on our walls and as a very popular decorating trend. This solution will give our interiors classic, elegant dimension.

9. Large Wall Art .

They will slowly replacing our photos and graphics galleries. According to still fashionable minimalism, less is more.

10. Patterned Plants

We have been obsessed with plants for years, but this year is all about vibrant patterns and hues. The prayer plant  and Rattlesnake plant are the favorite ones.

12. Beautiful lamps.

 Will play a major role in interior decoration. They are the perfect touch of style for our home.

source of photos: pinterest

Summing up, we have a few completely new trends, and some that have already stayed with us. I am curious about your opinion:) Are you planning some small / big changes this year? Which trend do you like the most?


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