2017 Interior design trends – fall home decor!

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Fall is the favorite season of everyone who loves to stay home. Rain, lack of sunshine, long evenings are the best excuse for not going out and just enjoy the atmosphere of home. Warm blanket, lemon tea, book, do you need anything more? In autumn our needs are going through some revolution and of course this is reflected in our interior decoration. In this article I want to introduce you the hottest trends of this season.

1. Color,

“finally came back!”. This is undoubtedly a great entry, because all the bright, neutral colors have been replaced by deep shades of violet, pomegranate or red. Undoubtedly, the most fashionable color of the season will be the winner of the “most favored color of the world” – beautiful, deep shade – Marrs Green.

autumn home decor trends

2. Velvet,

This fabric will be found not only in accessories, velvet furniture are the hottest trend of this season.

autumn home decor trends

3. Marble,

in this season perfectly balances all deep interior shades. Seems like everyone is in love with marble right now.

autumn home decor trends

4. Gold details,

you will find everywhere right now, they used to be called as interior jewelry. Golden accessories will warm up every space, they are elegant and chic. Grenades, violet, marble are perfect match for them. Warning! Don’t go crazy when it comes to gold details, in this case too much means really….too much:)

autumn home decor trends

5. Mosaic,

the hottest trend in floor design. The perfect balance between contrasting colors and materials it’s not very easy to create, but if you do so, it will be pure design art.

autumn home decor trends

6. Botanical motifs,

are still on the top. We find them on textiles, ceramics, wall decorations.

autumn home decor trends


7. Colored glass,

in all hottest shades of this season. Delicate as before, but without sharpness and angles. Amazing decoration, do you think the same?

autumn home decor trends

photos source: pinterest

In conclusion, this year’s fall interior trends will please everyone who can’t stand white-gray interiors anymore. This season is all about color. I am personally fascinated by the proposals of designers for the upcoming season, I am also very curious about your opinions 🙂 Please write me what is your favorite trend of this fall in the comments below?

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